Lida brewers brewed new LIDSKAE Zimovae

Lida brewers brewed new LIDSKAE Zimovae

A limited seasonal novelty LIDSKAE Zimovae beer was added to the flagship line of the Lida brewery on 1 October. For the third time, “Lidskoe pivo” presents a new limited variety, which is brewed specifically for the start of the cold season and winter holidays. This year, consumers will be offered to evaluate the new LIDSKAE Zimovae with a combination of traditional winter tastes of juniper berries, cinnamon and cloves.

LIDSKAE Zimovae is a special dark bottom fermenting beer. Juniper extract (natural extract from the plant berries), as well as cinnamon and clove extracts give the variety a rich astringency with warm, spicy notes and emphases the depth of the dark beer taste.

As in 2017, the label is made of metallized paper. The silhouettes of the traditional attributes of the winter holidays are on a dark background: snow, Christmas ornaments, snow-covered winter houses and a dressed up New Year tree. The LIDSKAE Zimovae campaign slogan is the same as that of the LІDSKAE® brand – “We Appreciate the Warmth of Relations”.

The alcohol content in the new product is 5%. The dry solids weight ratio is 12.5 percent. The temperature of LIDSKAE Zimovae consumption is +12-14°C. The winter variety from “Lidskoe pivo” can be the basis for hot cocktails such as mulled wine.

During the winter season, a limited edition of the novelty will be presented for sale – 210,000 liters. The recommended sale price is stores is 1.86 rubles per a 0.5-liter glass bottle.



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