Bringing back the tone: AURA® drinking water has changed its image and received additional fruit tastes

Bringing back the tone: AURA® drinking water has changed its image and received additional fruit tastes

Starting from the middle of June, the new line of AURA drinking water will appear in stores all around Belarus. The brand of drinking water, which belongs to JSC “Lidskoe Pivo” has rebranded the product and issued a collection of new tastes of the non-carbonated artesian water with natural juice.

Relaunch of the product drew attention to several customer qualities at ones. For example, the updated style of the AURA brand with the composition of drops in the logo symbolizes natural purity of water and lightness of its taste. Dynamic lines on the bottle arouse associations with movement of energy in the body, while design of the AURA label embraces the idea of naturalness and quality of water required to maintain vitality.

At the same time, taste qualities of AURA drinking water have remained unchanged. Special composition of minerals and microelements contributes to the mild and pleasant taste of the water, which refreshes quickly and restores vitality. Thus, the balanced composition of AURA draws attention of those who try to comply with the daily norm of consumption of pure drinking water.

Following the trends of healthy lifestyle, AURA line has expanded at the expense of adding two varieties of non-carbonated water with natural juice that bring the feeling of lightness with a minimum number of calories. “Grapefruit-Lemongrass” and “Pomegranate-Green Tea” possess toning properties and bring the feeling of refreshment with a light taste of natural juice.

AURA with juice is introduced into the assortment on a permanent basis. The customers will be able to choose between popular bottle shapes of 0.5 and 1 l volume. The recommended price for these formats will amount to 1.03 BYN and 1.28 BYN respectively. At the same time, drinking water without fruit juice or extracts (non-carbonated and medium-carbonated AURA) will be presented in 1.5 l and 5 l formats.

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