KORONET STOUT ORIGINAL — traditional British stout in the KORONET line

KORONET STOUT ORIGINAL — traditional British stout in the KORONET line

Lidskoe Pivo launches sales of the variety KORONET STOUT ORIGINAL. This variety will replace KORONET STOUT.

In the production of KORONET STOUT ORIGINAL, the technology of top yeast fermentation is used, which is characteristic of classic British stouts.

KORONET STOUT ORIGINAL has ABV of 4.2%, bitterness of 10-12 IBU and original extract of 10%. The variety has a sweet flavor with notes of coffee and burnt malt. Sweetness and bitterness are balanced in the variety taste. These taste characteristics were achieved by using the composition of Chateau Black and Chateau Roasted Barley malts as well as several types of hops cultivated in the United Kingdom. The East Kent Goldings hop bears unofficial title of the king of British hops, while the Fuggle hop (named after the brewer Richard Fuggle, who was the first to introduce this hop variety to the English market in 1865) is considered one of the originators of English brewing of late 19th – early 20th centuries.

The product is introduced into the range on a permanent basis. It will be presented in two royal pint formats: 0.568l glass bottle and 1.136l PET bottle. The design of KORONET STOUT ORIGINAL will be slightly different from its predecessor: the neck will bear the ORIGINAL prefix, and the lower label will have noble black color (previously – mustard color).

The price of the product will be the same as the price of other varieties of the KORONET line.


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