LIDSKAE® acquires Belarusian-speaking Viber community and sticker pack inspiring live communication

LIDSKAE® acquires Belarusian-speaking Viber community and sticker pack inspiring live communication

The first Belarusian brand community has appeared in the popular Viber messenger. The LIDSKAE® brand opened a new online platform for communication with customers.

Communication within the community will be in the Belarusian language, like in all other communities of the beer brand. At the same time, the community will not be a complete copy of other social accounts of the manufacturer. It will provide the possibility to monitor Lidskoe Pivo’s products and event news, as well as leave reviews, discuss popular leisure formats, appoint meetings, ask questions and so on. Viber communities allow the users to share emotions and content without limits, as one community can include up to 1 billion users.

In addition to the community, LIDSKAE® has presented a company sticker pack in the messenger. 26 stickers tell the story of friendship between two food-themed characters – hop, the cheeky teaser, and lemon, the funny simpleton. Prototypes of the characters were based on two beer varieties from the LIDSKAE® line — LIDSKAE® Pilsner (pale beer with hop bitterness) and LIDSKAE® Radler (beer cocktail with natural lemon juice and fruit extracts).

Dialogues between the characters are filled with humor and clearly illustrate common situations of friendly communication that almost every person can relate to. Reactions of characters of the stickers are fairly universal, which allow expressing a wide range of emotions using them when messaging friends.

“Presence of brands in the digital sphere is expanding, and the number of platform and possibilities is increasing. Messengers have a vast potential for communication of people and brands. However, it should be noted that the widespread use of smartphones substitutes live communication with online communication more and more often. Lidskoe Pivo is in the forefront of innovations. It sees messengers as an instrument that will help people not only to be online round the clock, but also to preserve warmth of live relations. The community format sets a new vector for our brand’s mission – to support sincere communication, which the modern reality lacks”, says Valentina Bagnia, Lead Brand Manager of JSC “Lidskoe Pivo”.

You can download the sticker pack and join the LIDSKAE® Viber community by clicking here:


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