“We appreciate warmth of relationship”: Lida Brewers present a new variety in the flagship line

“We appreciate warmth of relationship”: Lida Brewers present a new variety in the flagship line

On the eve of the summer season “Lidskoe Pivo” presented a special beer novelty. Since April 2018, LIDSKAE pale lager will appear in stores all over the country. The new variety will head the line of the same name, which is the key beer brand of the Lida brewery.

Balanced taste and flavor of LIDSKAE beer is created due to the special proportion of classic beer ingredients.

LIDSKAE variety got a moderate ABV (4.6%), mild taste and subtle hop flavor. Original extract is 10.4%.

The basic idea of the LIDSKAE beer was founded by the company values, among which are uncompromising quality of products, positivity and openness. With the motto “We appreciate warmth of relationship!”, the company celebrated close connection to the customers, which has allowed Lida brewers to create in-demand products for dozens of years.

Bright and contrasting design of the package underlines emphasizes the leading role of the novelty in the line. Golden and amber shades prevail in the design of the LIDSKAE beer. Amber color, which is the main color of the LIDSKAE brand, references the traditional beer color. Compositional basis of the labels is formed by the company logo, as well as the image of the old brewery building. This combination symbolizes careful attitude to the history of the brand, which started out as a small family enterprise, following centuries-old brewing traditions and close connection to the past of the cozy Belarusian town of Lida.

LIDSKAE beer is introduced into the products range on a permanent basis. It will be presented in popular consumer formats: both in glass and PET bottles of brown color, which allows better preserving of the beer taste. Starting from the end of May, the variety will also be available on tap. Recommended store price of a glass bottle is 1.65 BYN, for a PET bottle – 2.75 BYN (1l), 3.95 BYN (1.5l) and 4.93 BYN (2l).



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