The seasonal novelty “Lidski Summer Kvass” with apple and cornel juice is now on sale

The seasonal novelty “Lidski Summer Kvass” with apple and cornel juice is now on sale


The line of kvass from “Lidskoe Pivo” is now supplemented with a new seasonal taste – “Lidski Summer Kvass”. The natural fermented kvass, released in a limited series especially for the summer season, contains natural juices of apple and cornel fruits.

Like all products of the kvass line from the Lida factory, “Lidski Summer Kvass” doesn’t contain preservatives. The addition of natural juices gave it a soft refreshing taste and made the kvass even more useful: cornel fruits are rich in vitamin C and pectin substances, while apples possess strong antioxidant properties and serve as sources of numerous minerals and organic acids.

The novelty will perfectly quench thirst in the heat and become a fine addition to any everyday or festive table. Recommended temperature of storage of kvass is from 0° to 22°С.

“Lidski Summer Kvass” is produced in PET bottles with a volume of 0.5 and 1.5 liters. Consumers will appreciate not just the convenient format, but also original design of the product. Design of the label was designed by specialists of the international branding agency DDH Branding Consultancy. Summer mood of the new kvass is conveyed by recognizable visual attributes of beach leisure. The bright label with attract attention of both regular consumers of Lidski Kvass and amateurs of kvass novelties.

The recommended price is 1.11 Belarusian rubles and 2.09 Belarusian rubles per 0.5 l and 1.5 l bottles respectively.

The kvass is produced in a limited series: the novelty is available on the shelves of retail stores and in retail chains all over the country starting from April 3. It will be on sale until late August.


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