New seasonal product from “Lidski Kvass”

New seasonal product from “Lidski Kvass”

«Lidskoe Pivo» has presented the special winter variety of kvass — naturally fermented kvass with extracts of cinnamon and orange. «Spicy Orange» Lidski Kvass started appearing on shelves starting from the first decade of November.

The combination of ingredients, which is unusual for traditional kvass, gives a bright winter taste to «Spicy Orange» Lidski Kvass. The expressive notes of orange and cinnamon bring you to the atmosphere of winter holidays and warm family gatherings. «Spicy Orange» Lidski Kvass is good as a standalone drink, but it also combines nicely with various festive and regular dishes.

Like all other products in the kvass line by the Lida factory, «Spicy Orange» does not contain preservatives. The drink is based on fermented bread kvass, which is a part of the manufacturer’s regular portfolio.

«Spicy Orange» Lidski Kvass will be sold in two formats. 1.5l PET bottle is designed for comfortable use by a large company, and 0.5l bottle, which is used for the winter kvass by the manufacturer for the first time — for individual acquaintance with the new limited taste.

The customers will notice the new product easily due to its original «snowy» label. The recommended price is 1.03 Belarusian rubles and 1.95 Belarusian rubles for 0.5l and 1.5l bottles respectively.

The kvass will be released in limited batch and available on sale strictly until the end of February.


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