«Lidskoe pivo» Company announced the work results for first three quarters of 2017

«Lidskoe pivo» Company announced the work results for first three quarters of 2017

Category: Beer

For the first three quarters of 2017, OJSC Lidskoe pivo has sold 68,632 thousand liters on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, which is 8.2% more compared to the same period of the last year. This became possible because of an effective selling strategy and marketing activities planning as well as because of the 9 beer novelties launch for the period from January to September 2017.

According to BGPP data, the Lidskoe pivo enterprise is among the top three leaders by sales volume as before. The market share for the period from January to August 2017 amounts to 23.7%.

«Broadly speaking, the Belarusian beer market has grown by over 10% from January to August 2017. At the same time, we do not expect a big leap forward until the end of this year. According to our forecasts, the market growth will be imperceptible — to the extent of 2%. The company cannot influence on the external conditions, but we can work in the certain way which to increase further sales volumes as well as to win the Belarusian and foreign markets», said Audrius Mikshis, CEO of OJSC Lidskoe pivo.

Category: Kvass

OJSC «Lidskoe pivo» traditionally leads the market in the «Kvass» category. However, notwithstanding general market decline, the company have had a chance to maintain the positive growth rates. According to BGPP data, Belarusian kvass market showed −5.6% compared to the same period of the last year from January to August 2017. Market decline may be a result of unfavorable weather conditions. In total, 39,717 thousand liters of kvass were sold.
For the same period of the present year OJSC «Lidskoe pivo» has an increase which amounts to + 6.2% in the «Kvass» category. For the period from January to August the company sold 25,283 thousand liters of kvass. The market share increased from 56.6% to 63.7%. In 2017 kvass «Lidski» is represented by sorts «Lidski Bread», «Lidski Dark» with a novelty of 2017 — «Lidski Light». Release of another novelty is expected until the end of the year.

Category: Non-alcoholic drinks

«Lidskoe pivo» has increased the share by 3.5% to 16.6% with the following products: non-alcoholic carbonated drinks, kvass, juice-containing and energy drinks in the category of «Non-alcoholic drinks». According to BGPP data, total sales of the company for the period from January to August 2017 amounted to 44,551 thousand liters of drinks in volume terms.

Export results

The general growth rate for first three quarters of 2017 amounted to +0.8% for the export of products in the «Beer» and «Kvass» categories. Sales in the «Beer» category increased by 17.4% compared to the same period of the last year. 12,398 thousand liters of beer were sold for first three quarters of this year. Category «Kvass» still holds the leading position in shipments. The company sold 16,808 thousand liters of kvass for the period from January to September.
Russia remains the main export sales area for the company. Company continues its cooperation with Germany and Poland. In 2016 pilot batches were delivered to Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, and also to Israel and Bulgaria. In 2017, OJSC Lidskoe pivo has continued cooperation with these countries. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan became new partners.

In 2017, OJSC Lidskoe Pivo has carried out a «LIDBEER. Festival of hops, malt and water» again. More than 120,000 people have attended this festival. About 100,000 glasses of beer and 24,800 liters of drinks were sold at the festival. Among other annual big Corporate Social Responsibility projects of OJSC Lidskoe Pivo are professional barmen competition titled «Lidskae Beer Master» as well as social and educational initiative supporting the Belarusian language — «Agulnaya dyktouka».

The most important award of this year is one more gold medal, as well as the Grand Prix in the «International Beer Challenge» competition in «Wheat Beer» category. The victory of the company in the premium professional competition has been brought by the brand «LIDSKAE Wheat Light».

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