«Lidskoe pivo» restarted production of «Brugge evening» sort

«Lidskoe pivo» restarted production of «Brugge evening» sort

Due to numerous requests of customers, «Lidskoe pivo» company is now producing «Brugge evening» once again. The product will stay on the regular basis.

Dark beer with cherry juice preserves its original name but will be presented under LIDSKAE® brand. These changes can be seen in the label design.

The product will go in 0.5 l. glass bottle. While the recipe of «Brugge evening» stays the same. The beer density is 11.2%, alcohol share — 4.2%.

The new batch of «Brugge evening» sort was produced on April 18th and has already gone on sale. A recommended price for .5 l. glass bottle is 1.98 BYN.



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