«Lidskoe pivo» announced the results of 2016

«Lidskoe pivo» announced the results of 2016

As a result of the year 2016, JSC “Lidskoe pivo” has taken one of the leading positions in “beer” category in Belarus, enhanced its footprint in the Russian federal networks, as well as significantly increased a volume of exported kvass.

“Beer” category remained a priority direction of the company activities in 2016. 84 113 liters of beer were sold on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. A record number of new sorts – 10 sorts – were added to the product portfolio of the company. A growth ratio of the company was 107% compared to the year 2015. According to the results of 2016, the share of JSC “Lidskoe pivo” among Belarusian beer manufacturers (including import) has increased by 1.6% and was equal to 19.7%.

In “kvass” category “Lidskoe pivo” takes a stable position with 58.3% market share. According to the information of BGPP for January-December 2016, 50 801 thousand liters of kvass were sold in Belarus, 29 639 thousand liters being “Lidski” kvass.

In 2016 the company started to cooperate with large Russian federal networks. The growth ration of exported kvass was equal to 177.1%. As a result, JSC “Lidskoe pivo” has an ambitious goal to make its kvass an international brand.

Among the most important accomplishments of the jubilee year for the company is its re-branding and switching to the Belarusian language communication, increased popularity of LIDBEER festival of hop, malt and water, as well as recognition of international experts.

JSC “Lidskoe pivo” has fully updated its visual image and customer communication as a part of its re-branding. The Belarusian language is now the main language of the corporate website, it’s included in the labels and communications of “LIDSKAE” line and “Master’s Collection” craft series. The company has also started to speak Belarusian in communications with social networks users and media representatives.

LIDBEER festival of hop, malt and water has become one of the largest music and beer festivals in Belarus and attracted more than 100 000 visitors.

The quality of JSC “Lidskoe pivo” products was noted at such prestigious contents as International Beer Challenge (London, Great Britain), Superior Taste Award (Brussels, Belgium), International Craft Beer Award (Neustadt, Germany) and International “Beer” Forum (Sochi, Russia).


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