«Zhigulevskoe Special» — now also in a can

«Zhigulevskoe Special» — now also in a can

«Lidskoe pivo» started to produce «Zhigulevskoe Special» beer in 0.5 liter aluminum can.

A decision to make «Zhigulevskoe Special» a can beer was based on the attractiveness of this package for young audience. The form of the new can is designed in full correspondence with the concept of the brand.

«Zhigulevskoe Special» beer alcohol and density percent are the same for all kinds of a package being 5,2% and 11% correspondingly. A retail price for 0.5 l. «Zhigulevskoe Special» beer can is 1 rub. 47 kopeks.

«Zhigulevskoe» is a legendary Soviet beer that exists from 1934. At Lida brewery it was first brewed in 1940.


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