The new beer «LІDSKAE Kriek» – like a cherry in each bottle

The new beer «LІDSKAE Kriek» – like a cherry in each bottle

«Kriek» translates from West Flemish as «cherry». It is a fruit lambic belonging to exclusive Belgian beers. This beer was first brewed in the days of the Crusades. One of the crusaders added cherry to the beer recipe. The taste and the colour of cherry beer was a surprise for everyone and this beer is popular to this day.

Inspired by their Belgian colleagues, the brewers from Lida created a recipe based on traditional light beer, adding natural cherry juice — «Lidskae Kriek».

The new beer is of red colour, tasting pleasantly sweet, with a cherry flavour and a slightly bitter finish. Kriek tastes best when cooled to +5 — +6 °C.

This beer’s peculiar sour-sweet tinge is very enjoyable in summer. In winter, Kriek is served in the Belgian Christmas fairs, warmed up with hot spices.

Alcohol content — 4,6%

Dry solids weight ratio — 14%


The new beer will arrive on store shelves on January 30, 2017


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