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SINCE 1967

LIDSKAE BEER (formerly known as «Lidskoe») has been manufactured at
the factory since 1967. During the period of strict GOST standards different
breweries from all over the USSR made the same standard kinds of beer.
As a rule, local beer did not go anywhere except for the republic of its manufacture.
Beer from Lida managed to become famous outside Belarus.

LIDSKAE Nulevachka Pshanichnae is a non-alcoholic variety with a real unfiltered beer flavor and a pleasant hoppy aroma.

Premium beer brewed for the plant’s 145th anniversary.
It has a sweetish malt taste, amber color, and a light hop bitterness.

Light and flavory lager of golden color with lush foam and soft taste. Slight bitter taste is the distinctive feature of LIDSKAE premium.

LIDSKAE White is a special variety in premium line LIDSKAE. It is based on the previous release recipe with certain modifications to meet modern consumer needs.

Dark soft beer with the flavor of roasted bread crust and caramel taste. For this beer, we use caramel and pale malt.

Dark beer with deep caramel taste and express flavor.

LIDSKAE Legend is a special variety in mainstream line LIDSKAE.

Pilsner is a Czech type of lager, which is the most popular beer in the world. Light pale beer with slight bitterness.

Traditional beer with light distinctive bitter taste.

Strong lager with light taster This beer is dedicated to the Lida Castle, which was built in XIV century. Stary Zamak was first brewed in 1990.

Non-alcoholic beer with pale straw color, with full-scale beer taste and subtle hops flavor.