Series of beverages made with natural juice. Does not contain artificial colorants or flavorants. Due to high concentration of juice and vitamins and the use of natural ingredients, «All Vitamins» bewerage can charge you with good mood and the energy of a sunny day

All Vitamins Multifruit is a non-carbonated beverage
that perfectly quenches thirst and enriches the body with useful substances.

Non-carbonated drink with natural mango and strawberry juice. It contains as well as vitamin B complex (0.9L of the beverage contains almost half of the daily intake).

Non-carbonated drink with natural juice and an extract of orange, which has invigorating and refreshing properties.

Non-carbonated drink with cherry juice and vitamins B6, B12, B7 and PP.

Non-carbonated drink with apple juice.

Non-carbonated beverage with peach taste.