Tea time. Iced tea! Lidskoe Pivo introduced a new category under a recognizable brand

AURA Iced Tea fills with calm energy for a clear mind. Mild taste of real black and green tea refreshes, tones and quenches thirst. L-theanine and antioxidants contained in the new product bring energy and emotions surge.

There will be three flavors on sale: black tea with lemon, green tea with wild berry flavor and oolong with strawberries. Each 0.5-liter bottle contains more than two tablespoons of leaf tea, which allows to preserve the beneficial properties of AURA Iced Tea inherent in natural quality tea.

AURA Iced Tea – Black tea with lemon. It contains L-theanine, i.e. a natural amino acid that is considered one of the best natural stress relievers. L-theanine sharpens attention and at the same time relieves nervousness and tension. It also improves the quality of sleep. Black tea with lemon from the AURA Iced Tea line has a pleasant taste of black tea with a sweet and sour citrus aroma. Available in 0.5 L and 1.0 L packaging.

AURA Iced Tea – Green tea with wild berries. Contains antioxidants that slow down the aging process and improve metabolism, which has a positive effect on overall well-being and mood. Green tea with wild berries from the AURA Iced Tea line has a light summer taste with berry sweetness. It refreshes and invigorates. Available in 0.5 L and 1.0 L packaging.

AURA Iced Tea – Oolong with strawberries. Oolong tea is a specially processed tea that is characterized by a spicy taste and a rich floral aroma. Antioxidants contained in every bottle make the drink especially healthy, relieve tension and recharge with new, calmer energy. This brand-new product will be available only in 0.5-liter bottles.

Iced teas produced by Lidskoe Pivo will hit the shelves throughout Belarus from this week. The recommended price for 0.5-liter bottle is BYN 1.45, for 1-liter bottle – BYN 2.31.