Who is behind the MASTER'S COLLECTION brand? Lidskoe Pivo answers this question with a new packaging design

The MASTER’S COLLECTION new design underlines the brand’s innovation and urge to experiments. For the first time, the Lida Master image will be on the renewed packaging, the prototype of which is Nosel Pupko, the founder of Lidskoe Pivo.

The brewery in Lida is one of the oldest in the country. Its founder, Nosel Pupko, was an innovator and traveled a lot to gain experience and implement innovations in his beer startup. Not surprisingly that decades later it was in Lida where the craft beer was brewed under the MASTER’S COLLECTION brand for the first time in Belarus.

All varieties of the product line will be made in a unified recognizable style. The new packaging corresponds to the latest design trends, it is bright and memorable. The central figure is a portrait of a modern beer master wearing an unusual headdress that corresponds to the taste of beer.  Raspberry hat corresponds to the light unfiltered beer with RASPBERRY FIELDS FOREVER natural raspberry juice. Cherry hat corresponds to the Evening in Bruges dark beer. And wheat hat corresponds to the Pshanichnae light unfiltered beer.

It is planned that the beer will be produced in aluminum cans and 0.5-liter glass bottles. The Evening in Bruges beer which has become classic will be produced only in glass bottles.