Eco-friendly on the outside, natural on the inside! FIZZ brand has been renewed by the beginning of the season

The FIZZ brand has introduced its naturally fermented cider in cans, a more eco-friendly packaging format. Unlike plastic, aluminum cans can be recycled an unlimited number of times and can be reused in the food industry, which supports the current trend for environmental compatibility and sustainable use of resources.

FIZZ cider with reduced sugar and alcohol content is produced from local ingredients. It is made of Belarusian apples, the use of which supports local producers. Thanks to the updates, FIZZ cider has become eco-friendly on the outside (the new packaging will allow the brand to reduce the amount of plastic used) and will delight consumers with a unique design. And besides, aluminum cans do not permit sunlight through, which makes it possible to better preserve the consumer properties of the product. FIZZ in aluminium cans will come in the market after March 17. Recommended price for 0.45 L is BYN 2.34. All flavors in the line will be available in the new format: classic apple cider, pear FIZZ and FIZZ with cherry flavor.