Regular and in new formats! Zhygulyouskae 80 Years: updates for retro beer

The Zhygulyouskae 80 Years beer, produced especially for the anniversary of the legend of Soviet brewing, appeared in the range of Lidskoe Pivo one year ago. Initially, the company planned to launch a limited production. But during this time our consumers loved the beer so much that the brewers from Lida decided to include it in the permanent portfolio. And that’s not the only news that will surprise the connoisseurs of the retro beer in the coming season.

Lidskoe Pivo plans to start canning this beer by mid-March. The volume of a can will be 0.45 liters. And by the end of spring, the company promises to start bottling this beer in PET bottles. One-liter bottles of the favorite product can be found only in the Evroopt stores.