Medical Institutions and Social Facilities. How AURA helped Minsk citizens during the water collapse

The Company has promptly provided 15,000 liter-bottles, and, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, is delivering them to the social institutions in Frunzensky and Moskovsky Districts of Minsk. The help has already been received by the 6th City Children’s Clinical Polyclinic, Minsk Clinical Consulting and Diagnostic Center on Semashko street, Urban Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary on Prilukskaya street, and Territorial Center for Social Services for Population of Frunzensky District. The Company has covered all the costs associated with the production, delivery, and shipment of water.

“Being an active representative of socially responsible business, we cannot stay away from the problems of the Minsk citizens, who are currently having no access to clean drinking water. According to official figures, about 800,000 people, including lonely elderly people, hospital patients, and other vulnerable groups of the population, have been affected,” said Nadezhda Zvonik, the Corporate Communication Manager of the JSC “Lidskoe Pivo”.

“Our Company has decided to use all the available resources to help the most vulnerable segments of the population, all those people who cannot independently solve the existing problem”.

Let us recall, that AURA drinking water is extracted from deep artesian springs, located in the territory of the Lidskoe Pivo plant. It has a pleasant smooth taste. It contains a special combination of minerals and micro-elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonates, as well as fluoride ions), which make AURA a perfect refresher and energizer.