5 BYN for each participant: “General dictation” format is changing

“General dictation”, the annual project of Lidskoe pivo, aimed at supporting the Belarusian language, this year will be held in a new format on June 6. The dictation will be remote, and JSC “Lidskoe pivo”, the organizer of the initiative, will transfer 5 BYN to the charity account of the Ministry of Health for each participant, as well as an additional amount of money for each excellent student. Registration at the “General dictation” is open until June 4 inclusive and is available here.

“General dictation” was first held in 2017 at the National Library. At different times, the project was supported by Naviband, SHUMA band, actors of the Kupalovsky Theater, stage director Ivan Pinigin, writers Andrei Horvat and Lyudmila Rublevskaya. In 2019, the main event was accompanied by radio broadcasting, thanks to which not only Belarusians, but also participants from the USA, Poland, Russia and Ukraine could join the project.

This year, “General dictation” for the first time will be held exclusively online. Its participants will be able not only to test their knowledge in the Belarusian language, but also to personally contribute to combat the COVID-19. For each participant of the dictation, JSC “Lidskoe pivo” will transfer 5 BYN to the charity account of the Ministry of Health, as well as individual amounts of money for everyone who receives 9 and 10 points based on the dictation results.

Everyone will be able to sit behind a virtual desk on Saturday, June 6. Live stream will be hosted on YouTube. Participants will receive a link to the broadcast in advance to the email address indicated during registration.