+1: The Koronet line of non-alcoholic beverages from Lidskoe pivo has been extended.

Generally, the beer and alcohol market is gradually transforming: consumers are increasingly opting for products with low alcohol content, sometimes even without it at all. Being an innovator and an engine for the development of the responsible consumption culture, Lidskoe pivo follows this trend investing in the development of the non-alcoholic beer segment and presents a novelty, Koronet Alcohol Free.

Koronet Alcohol Free is a solution for those who not only follow global trends, but also like to try new interesting tastes. The non-alcoholic Koronet contains caramel malt, which affects the richness of taste, and Hallertau Tradition hop, which adds pleasant citrus and herbal notes in the aroma.

The volume of the novelty is 0.568 l, a unique format of the British pint for the Belarusian market. The product will be available both in glass bottles and in cans. It is recommended to serve Koronet Alcohol Free chilled to 12 degrees.