2.8 million euros of investments and 228 million liters of beer and drinks: Lidskoe Pivo has summed up the results of 2018

In 2018, Lidskoe Pivo sold 228 million liters of beer and drinks, invested more than 2.8 million euros in the modernization of production, and the company has been in the Olvi Group (Finland) more than 10 years. This was told at the press conference in Minsk by the Director General Audrius Mikshis.

Beer continues to dominate in the structure of sales. In Belarus alone, the company sold over 93.7 million liters – by 3% more than a year earlier. The increase in sales of beer and kvass for export made up + 49% in comparison with 2017.

The management of JSC “Lidskoe Pivo” paid special attention to investment projects implemented during 10 years in the Olvi Group: “Over these years, the technological look of Lidskoe Pivo has completely changed. The company priority is uncompromising quality of product, therefore, about 73,599,476 euros were invested only in the modernization of Lidskoe Pivo production. The year of 2018 was no exception for investment projects: we purchased 4 new beer fermentation tanks, installed a dehumidifier and inspector of an empty bottle, additional control devices and new bottling formats”, said Audrius Miksys, the Director General of Lidskoe Pivo.

In addition to the decade in the Olvi Group jsc “Lidskoe Pivo” will soon celebrate the 5th anniversary of cooperation with the German brand Warsteiner. According to the Director General, it turned out to be extremely successful: over these years, the volume of licensed production in Belarus has almost doubled, the average annual increase in sales of Warsteiner products made up 13%.

Among the market trends noted by Audrius Miksys are growth of investments in sales and trade marketing by key manufacturers, as well as increase of a promo role, and discounts are especially effective for well-known brands.

Increasing pressure is exerted by own brands of retailers, which compete due to a very low price.

Lidskoe Pivo became a part of the international Olvi group in December 2008. The Finnish concern currently holds 95.87% of shares. The company is one of the largest taxpayers in the Grodno region.