Warsteiner Light Pilsener: gift in honor of a landmark date

In April 2019, the company Lidskoe Pivo celebrates the 5th anniversary of launch of the licensed production of the German premium brand Warsteiner in Belarus. In honor of the landmark date, Warsteiner Light Pilsener was added to the range of products. This is the first grade, developed specifically for the Belarusian market by Lidskoe Pivo brewers together with German colleagues.

Compared to the classic Warsteiner Premium Beer, the new beer has a lighter and smoother taste. The beer has a noble golden shade. For the manufacture of this new product, as well as for the whole line of Warsteiner Premium Beer, German yeast, selected barley and a special blend are used.

Warsteiner Light Pilsener is a filtered light beer (5.5 EBC). It has a light bitterish taste (20 IBU). The drink density is 9.6%, alcoholic content is 4.2%. Packaging format is glass bottle of 0.5 l. The recommended temperature is 12 degrees. The recommended price is 1.98 Belarusian rubles.