Bringing the summer closer with new DYNAMI:T YELLOW ENERGY DRINK!

New bright DYNAMI:T YELLOW with mango and pineapple taste will remind you about the approaching long-awaited summer. The drink will please everyone who needs to replenish energy during the increased activity periods. Caffeine and B vitamins contained in the drink will not only invigorate and cheer you up, but also enhance the brain activity.

The package design of DYNAMI:T YELLOW is bright and modern as always. Juicy image of fruits penetrated with lightning bolts symbolizes the explosive energy, ready to burst out.

The novelty, like other flavors in the sub-range, is presented in 0.5 l aluminum cans. DYNAMI:T YELLOW will arrive in stores on March 15. The recommended price per 0.5 l aluminum can is 1.93 Belarusian rubles.