Citrus volley: there is a new orange drink in “All Vitamins” line of juice-containing drinks

The company “LidskoePivo” has launched a juice-containing drink in “All Vitamins”line — “Citrus”.

This non-carbonated drink contains natural juice and orange extract with invigorating and refreshing properties.

The drink does not only quenches one’s thirst well, but also enriches the body with vitamins. The drink contains maltodextrin, niacin, biotin, vitamins C and B6. Five percent of the required daily value is contained in 100 g of the beverage. Only natural colorants and flavoring agentsare used to produce the “Citrus” drink, as well as the other drinks of “All Vitamins” line.

“Citrus” drink from “All Vitamins” line will be packed in one-liter PET bottles.