“Modern classic” among cocktails now in stores: “Le Coq Cosmopolitan”

“LidskoePivo” presents a new bright taste in LeCoqline of low-alcohol cocktails. “Cosmopolitan” — the cocktailrecognized by the International Bar Association (IBA) as “modern classic” — hit the market on April 9.

“Le Coq Cosmopolitan” embodies the taste of the legendary cocktail, widely known and recognized in the 70’s of last century. “Cosmopolitan” cocktail is a sophisticated drink containing 4.7% alcohol. Its lemon and cranberry notes are most fully revealed, if the cocktail is well chilledor ice cubes are added to it.

Like all other low-alcohol cocktails in the line, the novelty will be released in a convenient format — a 0.33-liter glass bottle. The recommended price for points of sale will be 2.46 BYN.