Fruit and berry trio and a vitamins complex: «Lidskoe pivo» announces a novelty in the functional VITAMINERAL drinks line

OJSC «Lidskoe pivo» brings a new functional drink Vitamineral Vitality Performance to the Belarusian market. A novelty with the taste of blueberry, pomegranate and goji berries is intended to fill the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals as well as to maintain their balance. The drink manufacturing is carried out by the partner of OJSC «Lidskoe pivo» within the OLVI concern — A. Le Coq Company.

Vitamineral Vitality Performance contains B and C groups vitamins, which are necessary for maintaining the energy and vitality as well as to reduce exhaustion as well as fatigue resulting from physical and mental loadings. Zinc helps to maintain a healthy immune system and to protect cells from free radicals and is also included as a compound of the drink.

The drink is presented in a PET bottle with the volume 0.75 ml and it will be available for sale from the 1st of November. Manufacturer’s recommended price amounts to 1.78 BYN.