JSC «Lidskoe pivo» Brand group redesigned LIDSKAE® — key beer brand of the company

JSC “Lidskoe pivo” Brand group redesigned LIDSKAE® – key beer brand of the company.

The change of the design stated a smooth shift of the company from the attributes of the anniversary year. «140» number meaning the age of the factory has now disappeared from the collar.

Now a deer silhouette — a main symbol of Lida beer factory — has replaced this landmark date.

The main elements of the front labels including logo and brand name positions have stayed the same. While the color coding of the sorts has been enhanced.

Names of the sorts, as well as the first significant medals received by the factory at the time of its founder Nosel Pupko, have been moved to a colored background. Now intense deep tones are now sued for the labels giving a unique image to each sort of the line and helping customers to find a taste they need on the shelf.