«Lidski light kvass» — the first Belarusian kvass with birch juice — goes on sale

«Lidskoe pivo» company produces a new seasonal sort of kvass — the first natural fermentation kvass with natural birch juice and raisin extract called «Lidski light kvass».

As all the other representatives of the kvass line by Lida factory, «Lidski light kvass» has no preservatives, and birch juice and raisin give it a thin refreshing taste. It quenches thirst on a hot day and is a great addition to any kind of food.

«Lidski light kvass» will go in PET 0.5 l. and 1.5 l. bottles. Customers can easily find it by a light «wood» label. A recommended price is 0.98 rub. and 1.81 rub. for 0.5 l. and 1.5 l. bottles correspondingly.

The kvass will go in a limited series and will be available for sale only until the end of August.

«Lidski light kvass» is an independent beverage that can be also used for summer okroshka soup. Kvass storage temperature — from 0 to 22°С.