The first cherry parkway in Loshitskiy park created thanks to “Lidskoe pivo” company

The first cherry parkway of 30 trees appeared in Loshitskiy park on March 31st. Media representatives, blogger communities, as well as the company employees took part in planting the trees.

“Lidskoe pivo” company announced a start of this social initiative on March 9th. was a main platform for the project. Any person could support the parkway planting by a post on social networks. Every 50 posts were converted into a real tree. As a result of the project, 30 young cherry trees of “Schokoladnica” sort were planted along the central parkway of Loshitskiy park.

An idea to plant a cherry parkway was created as a part of an advertising campaign to support a new sort of fruit bear called LIDSKAE Kriek. The goal of the project is to support development of green areas in Minsk, one of them being Loshitskiy park. This large and popular park of Minsk is a significant historic and cultural complex, and “Lidskoe pivo” company pays special attention to preserving and developing of such objects.