«Lidskoe pivo» presented a limited beer series dedicated to the 950th anniversary of Minsk

Minsk was first mentioned in The Tale of Past Years. The mention refers to 1067, when the sons of the Kiev grand prince Yaroslav the Wise came under the walls of the city with the demand to surrender Minsk. Veche refused to surrender the city, as a result, there was a famous battle at Nemiga, in the context of which our capital was first mentioned. This important date — the 950th anniversary of Minsk — is devoted to the release of a new sort from the limited series of «MENSKAE» beer. The series consists of three sorts, each of them is dedicated to the important date in the history of the capital.

«This year is special for Minsk citizens and for all Belarusians: the capital celebrates the 950th anniversary, which for many years of its existence has witnessed and participated in many distinctive events. JSC „Lidskoe pivo“, having more than 140 years of experience in brewing, could not bypass this indicative event. We decided that a special limited series dedicated to the most important dates in the history of our legendary capital will be an excellent gift for consumers. „MENSKAE“ is created as respect for the city, its inhabitants, its traditions and history. With this series we wanted to demonstrate our relation to Minsk. I am sure that everyone will like this product», – Audrius Mikshis, General Director of «Lidskoe pivo» company, said.

” MENSKAE 1067″ fully complies with the German law on the purity of brewing: its composition includes only traditional ingredients, there are no preservatives and stabilizers.

The first batch of the new product will appear on the shelves on March 27, 2017. From the middle of April, ” MENSKAE 1067″ can be purchased in a PET package of 1.0 liter and a can of 0.5 liters. Beer will remain in the company’s portfolio till the end of 2017. The remaining sorts will gradually appear on the shelves of stores during the spring and will be present throughout the territory of Belarus.